Dog Training Shock Collars are They Humane

Do you have a pet? Maybe a nice little Persian kitten or Golden Retriever? Well, if you do have a pet, then you're probably an animal lover. I've yet to meet someone who owned a pet, but didn't like animals. Anyway, some interesting topics arise when it comes to domesticated animals now days. One of them is shock collars for dogs.

How much negative reinforcement is too much? Are we actually protecting our pets or being cruel to them? This is an issue mocked and ridiculed in the media these days. Just check out the last Jim Carrey flick, "Fun with Dick and Jane." He actually puts one of the contemporary shock collars for dogs around his own neck to test it out. However he is unpleasantly surprised by how strong it is. What do you think? Cruel and unusual or necessary?

Would you put one of the new shock collars for dogs on your pet? Maybe you already have one on your dog because he stays outdoors. I think it's important to address why someone may purchase a shock collar. As we all know, many pets end up getting ran over by cars, trucks and rigs. This could be for any random reason. Maybe they simply aren't paying attention, or maybe they spotted a rabbit and bolted after it. You have to remember that all of these animals run on instinct. They simply can't help it.

 Therefore if you do decide to own and take care of one, it's your responsibility to keep them safe. Some times that may even involve measures such as shock collars for dogs. Since I don't personally own a dog, I don't have a first-hand take on things. On the contrary, I do own three cats. In fact my wife grew so sick and tired of them going upstairs to sleep under our bed that she purchased some shock collars for cats. To start and sort of test it out, she placed one shock collar on our largest cat.

Now, you have to keep in mind that it will only zap them if they go where they're not supposed to. It works more like a negative reinforcement than it does a literal punishment. When we watched our cat interact and frolic about with it on, it was sadly ineffective. Either our cat is invulnerable to pain, or it's simply not strong enough to bother him. In the end you may or may not want to give shock collars for dogs a shot. It all depends on your dog and the situation. If you would like more information, just hop online for the scoop.